Thursday, 28 December 2017

Where to go in this winter for Snow Fall Hiking

If you are fond of snow falling and has a dream to look snow lying on hills and trek and hike on nearby ice hills you must go to Mushkpuri Top.

Nathiagali to Mukshpuri is one of the minimum mind boggling and safe trek for students. This is a 3 hours safe slant trek to Mushkpuri Top and is the second most lifted slant of Galiyat at 9452 feet/3150 meters above sea level all around. This trek starts from the Pines Hotel in Nathigali spiraling upwards through the delightful green pine boondocks indicating basic hugeness. Pioneers on their way to deal with oversee manage Mushkpuri top are given eminent pixie assigned front of sprouts in the green Meadows of Mushkpuri.(especially toward the whole of the enraged season). 
Another trek influences a dive reality to side towards Dunga Gali giving you the winged animal eye point of view of Ayubia National Park down underneath, this trek isn't fitting for people with fear of stature the enjoyment focus starts from Dunga Gali and partner towards the conductor Jehlum. The trek up to Mushkpuri Top can in like way be started from Dunga Gali. It's a not extremely nefarious trek for the families to go out and welcome the astounding typical pine woods of galyat. There is a little water spring at the best. What's more you can see stunning Kashmir valley from Mushkpuri Top. Essential concern is this is clear trek to climb one dream go and welcome the incredible view around.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Pakistan Most Beautiful Lakes One Must Visit This Summer

Pakistan image in world is not good because the terrorist activities in Pakistan after 9/11. So many Pakistanis are killed,injured and disabled in bomb blasts. But this is one sided picture of Pakistan.  The other side of picture is very beautiful and charming. Allah has blessed Pakistan with high mountains,lush green fields, curved rivers, heavenly meadows and most beautiful lakes.
Pakistan is famous for eye catching lakes like Saiful muluk, Mahudand lake etc. Visiting these lakes can fill you with lot of hope and joy. Following is  list of most beautiful site according to my point of view you must visit these in this summer.

Saiful Muluk

Saiful Muluk, perhaps the most famous lake of Pakistan situated in Kaghan Naran Valley, District Mansehra of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  Height of the lake is 10578 feet from sea level. Saiful Muluk is surrounded by Malika Perbat, covered with ice almost all the year. The green water of the lake freshens the eyes of the tourists. Boating in Saiful Muluk is alway fun, must boating  if you visit this lake. If you like eating Tout fish, it has a lot of brown trout fish. Sufi Poer Mian Muhammad Baksh wrote the Saiful-Malook telling the story of prince Saif Ul Malook who fell in love with a fairy princess named Shehzadi Badr-ul-Jamal at the lake. Saiful Muluk feeds the famous hill river of Paksitan, Kunhar river.

Rati Gali Lake

Rati Gali Lake located in Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir, 12130 feet above from sea level. Most beautiful lake of Azad Kashmir. The lake is that kind of site you can imagine in drams only. If you not visited yet, visit immediately in this Summer. The lake is accessible from Dowarian by a  19 kilometers (12 mi) road cum hiking trek through breath-taking sites. Jeeps are easily available from Dowarian, the base camp of lake.

Rush Lake

Rush Lake is high altitude lake located in Nagar Valley Gilgit-Baltistan 16726 feet, neighbored Rush Peak.  The Lake can be accessed through Hopar Glacier  and Miar Glacier, which rises from Miar and Phuparash peaks. Highest lake surrounded by one of the highest peak Rush peak. Rush Lake desired at least one visit this Summer.

Shangrila Lake

Lower Kachura Lake is also known as Shangrail Lake one of the most beautiful laks of Paksitan. eLocated in Kachura village 20 miutes from Sakardu. It is a most popular place among the tourists from all round the world and has a unique restaurant that is built on the fuselage of an aircraft that had crashed nearby. If you visit Sakru, it is impossible to not visit the Shangrila Lake.

Ansoo lake

Ansoo Lake is situated in Manoor Valley, Kaghan Valley in the Mansehra District of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located near Malika Parbat in the Himalayan range at the altitude of 4,250 meters (13,940 ft).This lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes of the world. Due to its freak water drop-like shape it is known as ansoo lake. Because it’s look like tear. This beauty of the lake cannot be explained in words it is the thing of only to be visited. Important note is that there is no hotel tourists have to rely on camps.

Karambar Lake

Karambar Lake , also known as Qurumbar Lake, is a high altitude lake located in Ishkomen, a Tehsil of District Ghizer in Gilgit–Baltistan, near the boundary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It is the 31st highest lake in the world and 2nd highest in Pakistan at a height of 14,121 feet (4,304 m) and one of the highest biologically active lakes on earth. You must visit this lake and give your comments and reviews about this lake.

Mahodand Lake

Mahodand Lake ("Lake of Fishes") is a lake located in the upper Usho Valley at a distance of about 40 km from Kalam, Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The lake is reachable by a four-wheel drive vehicle, and is often utilized for fishing and boating. Mahudand lake is one of my favorite lake. The Mahodand lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Hindu Kush mountain and gives rise to Ushu Khwar, the major left tributary of the Swat River. Mahudand is favorite for camping on its banks and fishing. 


The word "dudi" means white, "pat" means mountains and "sar" means lake. This name has been given to the lake because of white color of snow on peaks. The lake and park is accessible for four months of the year from June to late September. In the summer, when the mirror-like water reflects the scenery, visitors from different regions of the country and from abroad travel to enjoy the enchanting views. The trail head for Dudipatsar is located at Besal, which is about an hours drive from the town of Naran. The road is accessible by cars and motorbikes. From Besal onwards visitors trek in vast alpine meadows to reach Dudiptsar Lake.

Lulusar Lake

Lulusar is group of mountain peaks and largest lake in the Kaghan Valley, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. This popular tourism attraction is 48 km away from Naran and famous for the scenic. The highest peak has a height of 11,200 ft above sea level. Lulusar Lake, at 11,190 ft, is the primary headwaters of the Kunhar River. It flows southwest through the entire length of Kaghan Valley. I visited there with my friends last year and amazed to see such a big and beautiful lake.

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake also name Gojal lake created in 2010 by landsliding located in the Gojal valley of Northern Pakistan. It is also an eye catching site desired to visit and explore the beauty of this lake.

So it was the list of some beautiful lakes of Pakistan. There are more lakes that can be visited this summer. These are not only lakes but meadows,peaks,rivers and forests of tall trees besides these lakes. The beauty of the sites cannot be explain in words you have to go and visit these by yourself to imagine the naked beauty of nature flourishing every where in Northern Areas of Pakistan.